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We enable our clients to make better technology buying decisions through the use of our proprietary tools, unbiased research, pricing benchmarks, client interview data, and extensive engineering back office.  Our data driven approach reduces wasted cycles spent with salespeople and sales processes. The client collaboration approach that McCracken employees is unique in a world of one-way sales pitches.

McCracken continues the white-glove experience to the contract negotiation phase, solution implementation, and lifecycle management with in-house project management. Our clients look to McCracken to bring sanity to the analysis, procurement, and vendor management of technology that improve their bottom lines.

Not only do our strategic partners consists of well known service providers such as Cisco, AT&T, CenturyLink, Verizon, etc.. but McCracken also serves as a distributor for 100+ technology companies that serve a small specific niche but have no direct sales force. The only access to these laser-focused smaller tech companies is through distributors like McCracken. McCracken can help you determine if one, or a few of these companies could play a vital role in your technology footprint.

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