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Most companies don’t have the time and resources to dedicate to managing mobile devices let alone optimizing the cost. Many companies current use existing resources to manage mobile device which in turn takes these resources time away from the job they were hired for in the first place.  Additionally, many companies suspect they are paying too much and not getting a fair shake from their mobile carriers, (as their service provider representatives continue to change like the wind), but they do not have the time nor expertise to change navigate the providers myriad of rate plans and services.  If your company is using valuable IT resources to manage mobile devices or feel you are paying too much on its mobile spend, chances are you probably are.

Additionally, we help you establish a mobile strategy and define your company’s mobile policies. Using our TrueVue™ technology portal, your employees will have access to device selection/changes, procurement, activation and help with troubleshooting. Your IT staff will no longer have to review inventory, handle billing issues or troubleshoot and employee wireless devices. However, they will be able to see and approve orders, review inventory and provide valuable reporting for executives. Using our helpdesk does all the preparations for you and all you have to do is review, our staff is also ready to assist with friendly, no-hassle service.

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Is your company paying too much on mobile services? Most companies aren’t equipped to evaluate mobile cost optimization; they don’t have the time or internal expertise to perform an inventory audit, manage carrier services or even handle contract negotiations. With McCracken’s simple, approach to cost optimization, we normally return 200% on your investment.  By implementing the right platform, processes, and people we’ll take the hassle of managing carrier services off your staff’s plate, so they can focus on more important strategic IT projects.

Most companies only look at carrier plans and usage when there are actually 11 categories you can negotiate to get a substantial reduction in cost.

Clients we work with see an average of 37.2% percent in savings each month on their mobile device costs.

Expense Management

Mobile expense management is an ever-changing demanding part of anyone’s job who has the responsibility to keep mobile costs in line.  McCracken has the ability to manage the expense PRE-INVOICE so that our clients do not get surprised by big data overage cost! Data usage continues to steadily increase and if you don’t watch it carefully or even have the tools to watch it, it can cost you big!  A few questions to think about…

  • Who are your biggest data users?
  • Who are the biggest international data users?
  • Who has left the company and their device is sitting in a desk drawer somewhere why the company continues to pay for the service? 
  • Who has to allocate cost to the separate departments or locations?
  • Who validated the users are on the correct plans?
  • Who manages the overall data pool and more importantly how much time does it take away from their real job

These are just some of the expense questions that every company needs to be addressing EVERY MONTH regarding mobility expenses.

Asset Management

Our TrueVue device management portal allows your employees to self-manage devices according to your company’s policy, including: selection/changes, procurement, and activation.  With its inventory module it will give you the ability to know who has what device, where it is located, and how much it is costing you.  It provides all the device data such as phone number, IMIE, SIM, etc.


How much time are your employees spending managing mobile device?  The industry says that for every 300-400 mobile devices your company has you need to hire a full-time employee to manage mobility correctly.  Our helpdesk services remove the burden of your team having to sit on hold with the mobile providers for 30 minutes or deal with a user that doesn’t understand how to setup his email.  Just look at us as your external mobile team handling any and all requests for new devices, replacement devices, warranties, upgrades, disconnects, ports, swaps, etc. Our goal is to free up your valuable IT resources and allow them to get back to working on what you hired them to do – manage IT projects.

Technology Portal

McCracken provides asset management through our TrueVue® technology platform. TrueVue’s feature-rich functionality set allows us to thoroughly and easily manage our clients mobile environment throughout their lifecycles. It’s an integral part of many of the services we provide, including: 

  • Inventory analysis and benchmarking
  • Invoice auditing, processing and validation
  • Asset and expense management
  • Procurement of services
  • Project implementation
  • Helpdesk and resource management
  • Reporting and analytics

As part of our managed mobility offering, we can enable customer access to TrueVue to allow your employees to self-manage devices for selections/changes, procurement, activation and help with troubleshooting. Your authorized managers can use TrueVue to evaluate inventory, enhance visibility and automate the management of mobile devices.

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