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INSANITY = repeating the same actions over and over BUT expect different results!

The direction and focus that has been provided to organizations to be as secure as possible is as follows:

Implement the best Next-Gen Firewall

Implement IDS/IPS solution

Implement the most current up-to-date Antivirus

Review Log Files either manually or automated via a SIEM solution

Utilize PEN Test’s and/or Assessments

Utilize a SOC

STATEMENT: Your organization like all others in the world utilize some or all of these “tools” and the “technologies” represented in them. IF this is what is being presented as the way to be secure, then WHY do organizations still keep being attacked successfully?

FACT: The above listed solutions/technologies, while necessary, are designed and engineered as preventative solutions. Prevention will ALWAYS be beaten….Take sports as an analogy….IF you have the best defense (prevention) in any sports, you should always win, correct? At least according that what orgs are being told to do to prevent themselves from being attacked successfully. Cyber Security MUST focus on detection as the primary means and prevention as secondary….Unfortunately what is being promoted is prevention is first with a little detection sprinkled in.

There are several other benefits to engaging the McCracken Group for your security. We hope the information above provides enough information. Click here to set up a discussion about how we can help you become secure and stop the insanity!

  • Our service provides full visibility 24x7x365 in real time allowing our team of security experts review this data so that you don’t have to.
  • We bring affordable enterprise network security to our clients in new and exciting ways.
  • Detect active attacks as they traverse over your network. Pinpointing problem spots before they spread.
  • Catches ransomware before it can spread laterally inside your network
  • View the software running on your network and answer the question, “Can that system be trusted to run that software?”
  • Our Visibility portal allows you full visibility to into your network!

Next Steps? Contact the McCracken Group. Click here to learn more about how we can help stop the threat actors and protect your company.

Managed Network Security

McCracken helps you gain VISIBILITY into your network. Our belief is that preventative measures will always be beaten. Therefore, what we do is give you visibility to see what is happening in your network real-time. Has someone just inserted a USB device and downloaded 3GB worth of data? Has someone clicked on a malicious link? Have credentials passed in clear text from your company over the web? What if you could “see” this happening BEFORE it affected your company?

At McCracken, we can. To learn how, click here!

Managed Endpoint Security

Do you know that traditional A/V companies openly state that their products work only about 50% of the time? If your product worked only 50% of the time how long would you be in business? Yet much like above we continue to purchase these services, knowing that they may not protect us. What if you could purchase an Endpoint protection that actually worked?

What if your endpoint protection was fully managed where YOU didn’t have to do anything after the initial install and it would provide:

  • Remote Management of the Agent
  • Provide Threat Prevention (to replace IDS/IPS)
  • Provide a software Endpoint Firewall
  • Provide Endpoint Web Control and content filtering down to the individual endpoint
  • Provide Adaptive Threat Protection
  • Provide Service Coverage 24×7
  • Provide active response for full endpoint protection (contain and re-mediate)

If this type of Endpoint protection is of interest, please click here.

Incident Response

Unlimited Incident response is included with our services.

However, if you do not have our services, and you are under attack please click here to reach out to us to discuss our incident response services and have us help you get back to work!

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