Data Responsibility Lies with Each of Us

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Do you know who you’ve shared data with? Do you know where it is with those organizations? Do you read the fine print that we all accept? Do you stop…

Is BYOD Right For Your Company?

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The “bring your own device” (BYOD) model is a trend that more companies are turning to for a seemingly quick fix for their mobile device strategy. But, is it really…

Considering BYOD or COPE? Choose COPE.

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Taming mobile device expenses in the workplace has been an ongoing challenge for many organizations. They can’t be ignored, not only because everyone has them now, but because integrating them…

Enterprise Customers Tired of Paying More for Wireless Than Individuals

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In today’s 24/7 global market, it’s necessary for both office and remote/field staff to have access to mobile technology, but it’s not always easy for a company’s IT division to…

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