The McCracken Promise

As team members of McCracken Group, we establish this Social Promise and agree that when we are together we will

  • Treat each other with Respect, Honesty, Encouragement, Kindness, Friendship, Forgiveness, Dignity, Patience, Mercy, Trust, Empathy, Tact, Love, Value, Grace, Truth, Integrity, and Confidentiality, and we will listen and not gossip!
  • In addition, we will respect each other’s time by doing what we say we are going to do show up on time for meetings/scheduled calls, communicate changes ASAP, be Non-Judgmental, we will not assume the worst of any situation or team member, we will be Accountable, Flexible, Courteous, Committed, Productive, Ethical, Open, Slow to Anger, Supportive, Transparent, Clear, and Truthful. We ask that everyone be part of building a positive high performing team and family spirit.

If we talk to another member (who is not part of the problem or the solution) about something concerning a third-party team member, we have 48 hours to bring that conversation to the attention of the third-party team member.

The effectiveness of this Social Promise rests on the extent to which everyone works toward its desired end. All members must be willing to be held accountable for themselves. Team members must be willing to hold each other accountable as well.

  • Assuming we agree on how to treat each other, what should we do if one of us does not follow the behavior we agreed upon
    1. Assess the situation and go to the person one-on-one.
      • The steps to take when you go to someone are the following:
        1. Go in Love (Kindness) – I care more about you than what you think of me
        2. Go in Humility – I could be wrong
        3. With Pre-Forgiveness – worked out internally before meeting
        4. With 100% Truth – just the facts on that situation
      • We agree to go to the other person with good intentions and the desire to understand them.
    2. Next Step: If the situation is not resolved, then we will bring in one or two others who will be a witness to the words that are spoken.
    3. Next Step: If the situation is not resolved, we mutually agree to bring it to the Team.
    4. If no resolution takes place, then we agree to some sort of separation. It is our intent that every issue will be resolved by step one and no further action will be needed.
  • We recognize we are imperfect. If we fail to live up to the agreement, we will take the initiative to apply the Six-Step Apology:
    1. Acknowledge what we did by stating the offense. (“I did ‘it’”)
    2. Admit that we are wrong. (“I was wrong”)
    3. Say that we are sorry. (“I am sorry”)
    4. Ask: “Will you forgive me or if and when you can, will you forgive me?” (Wait for the answer.)
    5. Ask the person or group: “Will you hold me accountable? I give you permission to hold me accountable from now on.”
    6. Ask: “Is there anything else?”

By signing this Promise, we are committing to abide by and be held accountable to the behaviors that we as a team/organization believe demonstrate the type of culture and environment that will foster the best personal and professional development and success.

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